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1. Are You Sure_ Issues and Answers...
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10. Are Liturgical and Organizational Matters Important...
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11.Second Panel Discussion - Regional Ordination A Pat...
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12. Reply to NAD and Other Pro-Women's Ordination Argum...
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13. Women's Ordination and the Jerusalem Council...
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14. The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy - Part II...
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15. Ellen White's View of Women in Ministry...
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16. Male and Female Created He Them...
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17. My Story and the Hermeneutical Question...
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18. Spiritual Gifts and Church Office...
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19. Third Panel Discussion - The Priesthood of Believer...
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2. Women in Ministry_ A Biblical Perspective...
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20. Counterfeit Spirituality, Counterfeit Salvation,and...
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21. Town Hall Meeting...
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3. From Mohave to TOSC_How We Got Here...
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4. Male Headship in the Old Testament...
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5. Male Headship in the New Testament...
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6. First Panel Discussion - Hermeneutics Universal Prin...
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7. Straw Man Arguments in Favor of Women's Ordination...
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8. The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy - Part I...
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9. The Third Option A Way Forward or a Step Backward...
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  • Symposiums

Quick Overview

The purpose of the Women's Ordination Symposium sponsored by Secrets Unsealed is to share the biblical foundation for male servant-leadership known as "headship" in the home and the church.  

These presentations include the reasons from both Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy as to why women should not be ordained either to the gospel ministry or to the office of local church elder. The symposium will also highlight the value and roles of women in ministry and outline ways in which men and women can work together, within appropriate biblical roles, to execute the spiritual and evangelistic mission of the great Advent movement.


The following presentations include twelve plenary sessions, three panel discussions and a concluding two-hour town hall meeting.

1. "Are You Sure? Issues and Answers"
Pastor Stephen Bohr, President/Speaker Secrets Unsealed

 2. "Women in Ministry: A Biblical Perspective"
Laurel Damsteegt, Scholar and Student of Women's Ordination Controversy

 3. "From Mohaven to TOSC: How We Got Here"
Dr. Mario Veloso, Retired Seminary Professor and General Conference Administrator

 4. "Male Headship in the Old Testament"
Dr. John Peters, Old Testament Scholar and Pastor, Pennsylvania Conference

 5. "Male Headship in the New Testament"
Dr. Ingo Sorke, Prof. of New Testament Southwestern Adventist University

 6. "Hermeneutics: Universal Principles and Local Application"
Panel Moderator: Eugene Prewitt

 7. "Straw Man Arguments in Favor of Women's Ordination"
Eugene Prewitt, Former Professor, Oauchita Hills College

 8. "The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy" - Part 1
Pastor Don Mackintosh, Campus Chaplain and Religion Department Chair, Weimar Colelge

 9. "The Third Option: A Way Forward or a Step Backwards?"
Pastor Jim Howard, Michigan Conference

 10. "Are Liturgical and Organizational Matters Important?"
Pastor Daniel Mesa, Associate Marketing Director, Secrets Unsealed

 11. "Regional Ordination: A Path to Congregationalism?"
Panel Moderator: Laurel Damsteegt

 12. "Reply to NAD and Other Pro-Women's Ordination Arguments"
Dojcin Zivadinovic, Doctoral Candidate Church History, Andrews University

 13. "Women's Ordination and the Jerusalem Council"
Dr. Phil Mills, Physician, TOSC Member

 14. "The Present Relevance of 1 Timothy" - Part 2
Pastor Don Mackintosh, Chaplain and Religion Department Chair, Weimar College

 15. "Ellen White's View of Women in Ministry"
Dr. Isaac Olatunji, Instructor in Religious Studies, Oakwood University

 16. "Male and Female Created He Them"
Julie Mesa, Nurse and Mother

 17. "My Story and the Hermeneutical Question"
Dr. Raymond Holmes, Retired Professor, Theological Seminary, Andrews University

 18. "Spiritual Gifts and Church Office"
Stephen P. Bohr, Presenter/Speaker, Secrets Unsealed

 19. "The Priesthood of All Believers"
Panel Moderator: Ingo Sorke

 20. "Counterfeit Spirituality, Counterfeit Salvation, and the Ordination Controversy"
Pastor Kevin Paulson, Evangelist, Pastor, Revivalist

 21. Town Hall Meeting - Part 1
Moderator: Don Mackintosh

22. Town Hall Meeting - Part 2
Moderator: Don Mackintosh 

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Bonus Data Disc: 112 pages of PDF Documentation:
A) Andrews Theological Seminary Faculty Statement on Headship
B) Adventist Review Online: Andrews Theologians' Statement on Headship
C) Open Appeal to Andrews Theological Seminary Faculty Regarding Headship
D) Restoration of the Image of God by Dr. John Peters

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