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ITEM# : PN-42L
ITEM# : PN-42L
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1. The Protest of the Princes...
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2 .Where We Came From...
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3. A People with a Message!...
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4. Light Through Darkness...
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  • Neri, Peter

Quick Overview

As Protestant reformers, we Seventh-day Adventists believe and teach the biblical doctrine of separation of church and state with religious freedom to worship God according to our conscience and the dictates of the Bible and the Bible only.  Who we are, where we came from, and our calling must be remembered. We are a people called to shine light upon the darkness of this world by proclaiming the Three Angels' Messages to prepare a people for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior.


1. The Protest of the Princes

2. Where We Came From

3. A People with a Message

4. Light Through Darkness

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Topic Adventist Heritage
Speaker Name Neri, Peter
Media Format Download (MP3)