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  • Sliger, Jason

Quick Overview

God's plan for the world and for our lives will bring an enlightening experience of peace and joy through a study of Revelation that will unlock the meaning of Bible prophecy for our day and for the future. In this Revelation of Jesus Christ, you will learn how to properly interpret Bible prophecy to gain insights and readiness for what is coming--most importantly Christ's soon return.


1. Understanding Revelation
2. Next World Superpower
3. Revelation's Battle for the Throne
4. Revelation's Three Angels
5. Revelation's Judgment Hour
6. What Ever Happened to Right and Wrong?
7. Revelation's Eternal Sign
8. The Rise of Antichrist
9. The Subject Satan Hates
10. Revelation's Rapture
11. Revelation Solves Death's Mystery
12. Revelation's Millennium
13. Revelation's New Beginning
14. Revelation's Lake of Fire
15. The Mark of the Beast
16. The USA in Prophecy
17. Revelation's Fitness for the Crisis
18. Why So Many Denominations?
19. Revelation's Last Call
20. Revelation's End-Time Church
21. Revelation's Testimony of Jesus
22. Revelation's Bitter Book
23. Revelation's Battle of Armageddon
24. Revelation's Reward

Additional Information

Topic Bible Prophecy, Evangelism, Second Advent
Speaker Name Sliger, Jason
Media Format MP3 Disc