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ITEM# : RK-16L
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0_1. Revelation for a Postmodern World...
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0_2. The Day Freedom Died...
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0_3. The Mark and the Beast ...
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0_4. The Hour of Judgment - Part I...
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0_5. The Hour of Judgment - Part II...
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0_6. The Hour of Judgment - Part III...
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0_7. Revelation's 1000 Years...
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0_8. The Mystery of Death...
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0_9. The Mystery of Hellfire...
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10. The Thief in the Night...
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11. Revelation's Eternal Sign...
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12. The MarK of the Beast...
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13. From Sabbath to Sunday...
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  • Kelly, Ron

Quick Overview

Unlock the power and meaning of Bible Prophecy for our day and experience a new peace and joy in your life.  You will discover God's plan for the world and gain personal insights to know how to be ready for what is coming.

***These presentations were part of the evangelism thrust in the Michigan Conference when the theme of "Unlock Revelation" was a special event in each of the Michigan churches during the month of September 2017. 


1. Revelation for a Postmodern World
2. The Day Freedom Dies
3. The Mark and the Beast
4. The Hour of Judgment - Part I
5. The Hour of Judgment - Part II
6. The Hour of Judgment - Part III
7. Revelation's 1000 Years
8. The Mystery of Death
9. The Mystery of Hellfire
10. The Thief in the Night
11. Revelation's Eternal Sign
12. The Mark of the Beast
13. From Sabbath to Sunday

Additional Information

Topic Bible Prophecy, Books of the Bible Studies, Doctrines, Evangelism
Speaker Name Kelly, Ron
Media Format Download (MP3)