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ITEM# : MF-10L
ITEM# : MF-10L
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0_1. Jesus vs Satan...
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0_2. A Moment of Destiny...
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0_3. Hope's Grace-Filled, End-Time Message...
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0_4. Jesus and the Judgment, Good News or Bad News...
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0_5. God's Prophetic Timetable...
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0_6. An Urgent Call to Action...
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0_7. Revelation's Creation Connection...
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0_8. A Refuge in a World of Confusion...
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0_9. A City Called Confusion...
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10. Satan's Final Deceptions ...
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11. The Seal of God and Mark of the Beast - Part I mix...
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12. The Seal of God and Mark of the Beast - Part II...
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13. Ablaze with God's Glory ...
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  • Finley, Mark

Quick Overview

As we face uncertainty in our world today, the question is, “What does the future hold?” Discover how God has a message for this generation that is tailor-made to prepare us, His people, for what is to come.
In this series, you will find personal meaning and relevance for today in a study of three cosmic messages found in the book of Revelation—also known as the Three Angels’ Messages.


1. Jesus vs. Satan
A presentation describing the cosmic conflict between Jesus Christ and Satan as understood through the book of Revelation's Three Angel's Messages--a battle Christ has already won.

2. A Moment of Destiny
When society faces extreme uncertainty, find answers for the time in which we are living and where the world is headed.

3. Hope's Grace-filled End-time Message 
Every movement has an identifying mark. This presentation reveals how God identifies His last-day people in the Three Angel's messages.

4. Jesus and the Judgment, Good News or Bad News
Listen for reassurance why every believer in the God of Revelation will not face the judgment with fear and trepidation.

5. God's Prophetic Timetable
Learn how to interpret biblical prophecies that show God's prophetic timeline and why this is relevant at this time in our earth's history.

6. An Urgent Call to Action
A warning given to us from a loving God in the book of Revelation

7. Revelation's Creation Connection
Discover how to restore trust in the creative power of God.

8. A Refuge in a World of Confusion
If we ever needed a place of security it is now. Discover how the Bible describes the God who offers and makes Himself our shelter.

9. A City Called Confusion
Confusion is everywhere, even in the Christian world. Discover from the book of Revelation what Babylon represents and why it is called a city of confusion.

10. Satan's Final Deceptions
A warning that exposes the plans of the enemy of God and man, and how to be prepared to avoid Satan's lies and trickery.

11. The Seal of God and Mark of the Beast - Part I
Learn about two signs, the seal and the mark--one is about truth and love and the other is about falsehood and deception.

12. The Seal of God and Mark of the Beast - Part II
Learn more about the significance of these contrasting, end-time concepts.

13. Ablaze with God's Glory
God's final move--a glorious occasion that suggests it is time to lift up the trumpet and let it ring because Jesus is about to come again!

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Speaker Name Finley, Mark
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