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1. The Origin of the Controversy...
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2. The Son of God and the Trinity...
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3. The Holy Spirit and the Trinity...
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  • Peters, John

Quick Overview

The origin of this controversy will be reviewed with special emphasis on the roles of the Father, the Son of God, and the Holy Spirit in this series. Since the 2nd Century A.D., the nature of the Godhead as related to equality of being (ontological equality) and the functional relationship among the members has been disputed. 

Discoveries:  Learn why the understanding of the Trinity is important and the difference it makes in our assurance of our salvation. In this presentation, you will be amazed to discover how this glimpse of understanding the Trinity will help to clarify the issues of the controversy.


1. The Origin of the Controversy
 The beginnings of the Trinitarian Controversy and its connection to the Greek mindset is discussed. Learn how the three persons have distinct functions with their natures, namely, love, grace, and communion.

 2. The Son of God and the Trinity
The divine nature of the Son of God and His equality with the Father is established. The Son's relationship with the Father and His functional role within the Godhead is set forth from Scripture and the Spirit of Prophecy.

3. The Holy Spirit and the Trinity
 The divine nature and personhood of the Holy Spirit is established from Scripture. The Holy Spirit’s relationship with the Father and the Son is discussed and His functional roles within the Trinity is clarified.

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Topic Issues and Answers, Trinity
Speaker Name Peters, John
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