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ITEM# : PN-13L
ITEM# : PN-13L
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1. Why the Shaking...
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2. Who Does the Shaking...
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3. The Need of the Shaking...
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4. Tidying up the Shaking...
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5. How to Endure the Shaking...
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6. Can You Hear Me Now ...
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  • Neri, Peter

Quick Overview

Recent signs, both in the world and in the church, indicate that the "shaking" is taking place.

Because all will be tested as they endure the "shaking" experience, it is imperative to have more than a vague familiarity about it. This series is designed to help you do just that and help you to be SHAKEN BUT UNMOVED!


1. Why the Shaking?
Throughout Bible history, there have been various shakings. Discover why this end-time shaking" is unique and so different from all others.

2. Who Does the Shaking?
In order to understand how to be ready for "the Shaking" we must first know what the shaking message is, where it comes from, and who gives it!

3. The Need of the Shaking
Why is there a need for the shaking? What does being "lukewarm" and Laodicean" mean? Am I one of these?

4. Tidying Up the Shakings!
Did you know there is a unique name describing Jesus in the shaking message that is found nowhere else in the Bible? What is that unique name, why is it used, and what vital issues will the remnant people have to face in the last days as revealed by that name?

5. How to Endure the Shaking!
Everyone needs to know how to endure this experience. Learn what God expects from His people and how to respond to the shaking message.

6. Can You Hear Me Now?
How will we be encouraged and motivated to prepare to meet this coming test so we can stand firm. The beautiful gospel presentation in this concluding presentation will warm your heart and assure your mind!


Additional Information

Topic End Times, Revival/Reformation
Speaker Name Neri, Peter
Media Format Download (MP3)