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  • Halvorsen, Ron, Sr.

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Warning: Expect to be revolutionized by the lifestyle challenges revealed through a new understanding of the Sermon on the Mount. The hidden truths found in the Beatitudes will reform your thinking, your living, and your commitment.

"In the lessons of faith that Christ taught on the mount, are revealed the principles of true religion. Religion brings man into personal relation with God, but not exclusively; for the principles of heaven are to be lived out, that they may help and bless humanity."" SD 267


"1. The Preacher on a Mountain
Discover the qualities of an historic voice of authority???of one who will now be known for His words as well as His miracles and acts of mercy. Consider the real meaning of His first words ???Blessed.??

2. A Far-off Look at the Beatitudes
An overview of lessons in practical perfection of character that will lead you to the joy of commitment and the satisfaction of submission to more than anything this age of worldly humanism has to offer. Expect more than a new set of laws.

3. Blessed are the Poor in Spirit...
Discover the kind of poverty that brings true happiness. Learn how to experience total dethronement and allow ???Jesus to move in and self to move out.??

4. Blessed are They That Mourn...
To mourn is to experience deep sorrow, unworthiness, hopelessness, and brokenness. Discover how this results in blessedness, true happiness, and deliverance from sin and guilt.

5. Blessed are the Meek...
Discover the principles of a selfless life???an attitude of yielding to Jesus??? control. Observe the real meaning of ???weakness?? in the Christian life keeping in mind that there is ???no crown for a swollen head.??

6. Blessed are Those Who Hunger and Thirst...
Consider being ???desperate?? for God???not just a ???random?? hunger or an occasional ???snack.??

7. Blessed are the Merciful...
Learn that before we can show mercy, we must experience mercy and forgiveness.

8. Blessed are the Pure in Heart...
Since the heart is the control center of our life, consider the need for a transfusion of Jesus??? blood for purification. Remember, we see only the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.

9. Blessed are the Peacemakers...
Consider that peace does not come without a price. Discover how to wage peace instead of war.

10.Blessed are They Which are Persecuted...
As Christ???s followers, we are to become cross-carriers. While considering the cost of loyalty, prepare to be hated, abused, scorned, and slandered???even to the point of death. Then rejoice and be glad, for great is your reward in heaven!

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Topic Books of the Bible Studies, Christian Growth
Speaker Name Halvorsen, Ron, Sr.
Media Format MP3 Disc