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ITEM# : DS-21L
ITEM# : DS-21L
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1. The Miracle Worker - Part I...
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2. The Miracle Worker - Part II...
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3. The Miracle Worker - Part III...
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4. The Miracle Worker - Part IV...
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5. The Miracle Worker - Part V...
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  • Shin, David

Quick Overview

Life-changing lessons to learn from the stories of the miracles of Jesus.


1. The Miracle Worker - Part I
Hear the call to partner with Jesus to be in tune with heaven's agenda for the salvation of souls through Jesus' miracle of the fishes in the calling of the first disciples.

2. The Miracle Worker - Part II
The difference between instantaneous forgiveness and provisional forgiveness is revealed through the miracle of Jesus' healing the paralytic portraying the reality of the gospel as it is in Jesus.

3. The Miracle Worker - Part III
The power of the words Jesus used in rebuking the wind in the miracle of calming the sea is irrefutable evidence of His sustaining power in the storms of life in a world falling apart around us.

4. The Miracle Worker - Part IV
The healing miracles of Mark 5:21-34, a story inside a story, portrays the difference between what is always God's will, things that may be God's will, and things not in God's will for us personally.

5. The Miracle Worker - Part V
Recognize the meaning of the word "help" as found in the healing miracle of a boy with an evil spirit that is our special call to pray, "Lord, help thou mine unbelief."

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Speaker Name Shin, David
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