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  • Peters, John

Quick Overview

History, 1888 and E.G. White

"The humanity of the Son of God is everything to us. It is the golden chain that binds our souls to Christ, and through Christ to God. This is to be our study." 1SM244

Adventists have been in turmoil over the nature of Christ since the publication of Questions on Doctrine in the 1950's. Did Christ take the nature of Adam before or after the fall?

The answer to that question affects our beliefs on salvation issues such as justification, sanctification, the atonement, the purpose of the great controversy theme, and the nature of sin. For some it impacts the ultimate vindication of God. For others the atonement is at stake. What are the answers?


1. Adventist Christology in Turmoil
As early as 1858 Ellen White spoke of Christ as "taking man's fallen nature" and 1863 that "He knows our infirmities." Following 1888, the dominant voices of Jones & Waggoner unmistakably proclaimed that Christ took sinful flesh with tendencies to sin at the incarnation. The foremost theologian of the 1940's embraced the Christology of Jones & Waggoner as the basis for producing a "final generation." Meetings between "cult specialist" Walter Martin and Adventist theologians led by L.E. Froom resulted in the publication of Questions on Doctrine, and Adventist Christology has been in turmoil ever since..

2. The Nature of Man
What effect did the Fall of Adam have on the human race? Is the "heart truly deceitful above all things?" Is man inherently, by nature, corrupt, depraved, selfish with inborn evil and indwelling sin? If Christ assumed fallen nature after 4000 years of degeneration, in what way did this affect him?

3. The Nature of Christ - Part I
Christ is called "holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners." But He partook of the same flesh and blood we possess. How can we reconcile that He took upon Himself our "sinful nature," but not the "sinfulness of man"?

4. The Nature of Christ - Part II
Is there really a difference between "sinful flesh" and the "likeness of sinful flesh?" Were the human passions of Christ different than our passions? What above the Baker Letter and evil propensities? Was Christ really tempted in all points like us--or even more severely than us? These are a few of the questions to be discussed in this presentation.

Album of 4 Digitally Recorded CDs
Bonus: Power Point & PDF CD Featuring Seminar Quotations

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Topic Christian Beliefs, Issues and Answers
Speaker Name Peters, John
Media Format CD Albums