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  • Sliger, Jason

Quick Overview

A closer look at the relevant data supporting the biblical perspective of "one God in three persons" known as the Godhead. Learn how inspired writings define the Godhead as a communion of love, and are referred to as the eternal heavenly dignitaries--God, and Christ, and the Holy Spirit. (See Ev 616)

Consider the importance of these "teaching" presentations from God's word to build your understanding of the "Heavenly Trio" in these perilous times for "In the great closing work, we shall meet with perplexities that we know not how to deal with...but the three great powers of heaven are working...a divine hand is on the wheel..." 8T254


1. Tri-Unity
A study of the unity of the three persons in the Godhead from the Bible reveals one God--not many that we are to worship. Learn how the creation story emphasizes this belief from the very beginning and continues throughout the Old and New Testament in this study.

2. Three Eternal Persons
To determine the weight of evidence as taught in God's word, the full eternal deity of Christ is explored in God's word. The personhood and full deity of the Holy Spirit is also studied from Scripture with the perspective of allowing the clear passages to assist in the interpretation of unclear texts.  

3. A Historical Narrative
The history of the doctrine of the Trinity in the Seventh-day Adventist church is a progression of thought and belief as noted in Ellen White's writings .  Her revolutionary statements in "The Desire of Ages" changed church leader's perspectives from relevant ambiguity to specitivity.  Conclusive evidence is also shown that truth unites, but error divides and is another evidence of the enemy's devices at the end of time.

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