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ITEM# : ATS-005L
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1. 1. Adventism Under Attack_ Our Response...
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2. The Covenanted Self...
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3. Failure of the First Covenant...
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4. Seventh-Day, Ceremorial, or......
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5. Lord of the Sabbath...
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6. Sabbath and the New Covenant...
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7. Old and New_ God's Everlasting Covenant...
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8. Riddle of the Waldenses' Sabbathkeeping...
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9. Panel Perspectives and Dialogue...
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Quick Overview

The covenant impact in a postmodern world relating to worship, the commandments, the Sabbath and the apparent dilemma of the covenants. 
Discover how biblical covenants express the deep communion, intimate relationship, and closest fellowship known between God and man this side of heaven. 


1. Under Attack: Our Response
Jud Lake, Southern Adventist University

2. The Covenanted Self
Larry Lichtenwalter, Middle East University, Lebanon

3. The Failure of the First Covenant
Jiri Moskala, Andrews University Seminary, Michigan

4. Seventh-Day, Ceremonial, or Something Else?
Ron du Preez, Bangladesh Adventist Seminary, SSD

5. Lord of the Sabbath
Edwin Cook, Gulf States Pastor 

6. Sabbath and the New Covenant
Roy Gane, Andrews University Seminary

7. Old and New: God's Everlasting Covenant
Michael Hasel, Southern Adventist University

8) Riddle of the Waldenses' Sabbathkeeping
Gerard Damsteegt, Andrews University Seminary

9) Panel Perspectives and Dialogue
Ron Clouzet: Moderator
Edwin Cook, Gerard Damsteegt, Ron du Preez, Roy Gane, Michael Hasel, Jud Lake, Larry Lichtenwalter, Jiri Moskala

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Topic Adventist Theological Society, Christian Beliefs, Seventh-day Sabbath, Symposiums
Speaker Name ATS
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