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  • Bothwell, H. Roger

Quick Overview

Your heavenly "empty chair" is waiting to be occupied.  This personal chair has been made possible because God experienced an empty chair in heaven for 33 years when Christ was here on earth to provide for your redemption.  Warning:  Lucifer left an "empty chair" behind in heaven, and he's determined that you will not fill the chair that is being prepared for you.
Also included are other examples of "chairs" relating to happenings and situations in our universe that will reveal the many facets of God and His Son's character of love and compassion. This series is truly a one-of- a-kind with insights that will inspire and intrigue one's thinking. Discover how this unique 12-part series is truly beyond the ordinary!


1. The Empty Chair
2. And Lucifer Said: Take My Chair
3. What a Strange Man to Sit Someday in God's Chair
4. And Jesus Said: Come and Sit with Me Forever 
5. Sabbaths Are for Being Close to the Chair
6. Will These Men Ever be Ready to Share the Chair?
7. The Darkness is Gone at the Chair
8. What a Strange Chair for a King
9. The Ultimate Distance from His Chair
10. The Chair Was for Them Too
11. The Chair Carved at the Birth of the Earth
12. Home to His Rightful Chair

Album of 6 Digitially Mastered CDs 

Additional Information

Topic Redemption
Speaker Name Bothwell, H. Roger
Media Format CD Albums