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1. The Crisis Ahead - Part I...
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2. The Crisis Ahead - Part II...
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3. The Crisis Ahead - Part III...
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4. The Crisis Ahead - Part IV...
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5. The Crisis Ahead - Part V...
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  • Olson, Robert

Quick Overview

This is a series of presentations on the book, The Crisis Ahead--A Compilation from the Writings of Ellen G. White, written by the speaker, Robert W. Olson.

This is not an attempt to dogmatically finalize on the sequence of future events, but it is rather a gathering together, for study purposes, of the most important E. G. White statements relating to those prophecies which remain to be fulfilled prior to the return of Christ.


Parts 1-5 include the following subjects of interest in audio format.

*Union of the Churches * The Sunday Law * The Shaking * Satan's Miracles * The Loud Cry * The Seal of God * Mark of the Beast * Close of Probation * The Death Decree * The Great Time of Trouble * Home at Last!

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Additional Information

Topic Bible Prophecy, End Times, Spirit of Prophecy
Speaker Name Olson, Robert
Media Format Download (MP3)