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  • Neri, Peter

Quick Overview

History, Prophecy and the Future - 
Daniel is the only Old Testament book which the Son of God mentioned in Matthew 24 urging His disciples to study. We are living in the very time of what Jesus spoke. and can see the signs He gave pointing to His second coming being fulfilled around us.
"Now I told you before it comes to pass," Jesus said, "that when it is come to pass you may believe that I am He." John 13:19


1. Daniel Chapter 1 - by Peter Neri

2. Daniel Chapter 2 - by Peter Neri

3. Daniel Chapter 3 - by Ryan Johnson

4. Daniel Chapter 4 - by Anthony Rudolph

5. Daniel Chapter 5 - by Anthony Rudolph

6. Daniel Chapter 6 - by Ryan Johnson

7. Daniel Chapter 7 - by Anthony Rudolph

8. Daniel Chapter 8 - by Ryan Johnson

9. Daniel Chapter 9 - by Ryan Johnson

10. Daniel Chapter 10 - by Peter Neri

11. Daniel Chapter 11 - by Peter Neri

12. Daniel Chapter 12 - By Peter Neri

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Topic Books of the Bible Studies
Speaker Name Neri, Peter
Media Format CD Albums