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1. Introduction(Olson) Vision Story 1(Coon)...
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2. Vision Story 2(Coon) The Bible and the Modern Prophe...
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3. Vision Story 3(Coon) The Christian in the End Time(R...
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4. Vision Story 4(Coon) The Testimonies of the Church(R...
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5. Vision Story 5(Coon) Successful Marriages(Delafield)...
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6. Vision Story 6(Coon) Building a Happy Home(Rice)...
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7. Interview with Ellen White's Granddaughter...
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8. Vision Story 8(Coon) Diet, Reform and the Church(Ric...
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9. Vision Story 9(Coon) Christ the Center of Our Faith(...
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  • Coon, Roger , Delafield, D.A., Gordon, Paul , Olson, Robert , Rice, George

Quick Overview

Inspired counsel for the end-time church...


1. Introduction - Robert Olson
Vision Story 1 - Roger Coon

2. Vision Story 2 - Roger Coon
The Bible and the Modern Prophet - George Rice 

3. Vision Story 3 - Roger Coon
The Christian in the End Time - George Rice

4. Vision Story 4 - Roger Coon
The Testimonies of the Church - George Rice

5. Vision Story 5 - Roger Coon
Successful Marriages - D.A. Delafield

6. Vision Story 6 - Roger Coon
Building a Happy Home - George Rice

7. Interview with Ellen White's Granddaughter, Sister Jock - James Hayward
Note: This presentation replaces the original #7 due to recording difficulties. 

8. Vision Story 8 -  Roger Coon
Diet Reform and the Church - George Rice

9. Vision Story 9 - Roger Coon
The Center of Our Faith - Robert Olson

Additional Information

Topic Spirit of Prophecy
Speaker Name Coon, Roger , Delafield, D.A., Gordon, Paul , Olson, Robert , Rice, George
Media Format Download (MP3)