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ITEM# : LH-14L
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0_1. Visions of God_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hardinge PhD...
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0_2. Obstinancy and Its Results_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hard...
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0_3. Five Sins of Israel_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hardinge Ph...
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0_4. Ichabod--The Glory Departs_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hard...
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0_5. The Captivity and The Counselors_(P)2007 ACM Lesli...
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0_6. The Foundling and The Harlot Bride_(P)2007 ACM Les...
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0_7. The Proposal and Its Rejection_(P)2007 ACM Leslie...
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0_8. God and The Seven-Fold World_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Ha...
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0_9. The Watchmen_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hardinge PhD...
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10. Armageddon and Beyond_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hardinge...
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11. Measure The Pattern_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hardinge P...
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12. The Rivers of Grace_(P)2007 ACM Leslie Hardinge P...
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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

"The book of Ezekiel is deeply instructive." FE 394 "These men of the Old Testament spoke of things transpiring in their day, and Daniel, Isaiah, and Ezekiel not only spoke of things that concerned them as present truth, but their sights reached down to the future and to what should occur in these last days." 3SM 419


1. Visions of God/The Prophet's Commission (Ch 1-3)

2. Obstinacy & Its results/God Controls Inevitable Consequences (Ch 4-7)

3. Five Sins of Israel/ The Seal of God (Ch 8-9)

4. Ichabod: The Glory Departs/The Remnant & God's Covenant (Ch 10-11)

5. The Captivity & the Counselors/The Remnant & God's Design (Ch 12-15)

6. The Foundling & the Harlot Bride/Self-Justification & Its consequences (Ch 16-21)

7. The Proposal & Its Rejection/God & the 7-Fold Heathen World (Ch 21,25 27,35)

8. God & The 7-Fold Heathen World/The Enemy (Ch 28)

9. The Watchman/Restoration Through Resurrection (Ch 33,34,36,37)

10. Armageddon & Beyond/Many Mansions in Our Father's House (Ch 38,39, 40,41)

11. Measure the Pattern/The Glory Returns (Ch 42-46)

12. The River of Grace/The Land & the City of God (Ch 47-48)


Additional Information

Topic Bible Characters, Books of the Bible Studies, Legacy Collection
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Download (MP3)