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ITEM# : WS-39L
ITEM# : WS-39L
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1. The Foundation...
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  • Santee, Willard

Quick Overview

We've heard the term, "the plan of salvation" but perhaps the simple reality of it has never taken root. We know we cannot build a birdhouse without a "plan."

This three-part series unfolds the "plan" in a format that perhaps we have not considered before. Using simple chemistry and physical illustrations, Pastor Santee explains the "plan" in a way that makes it even understandable for the young.

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This study lays the foundation for the "plan" of salvation. It takes us from the fall of Adam to the Second Adam and shows what we need to do in order to be saved from our inherited problems of the first Adam. It also shows four types of people and how they respond to the "plan."


This study deals with the hidden sins of the human heart and God's "plan" to give us victory over the lust of the flesh. Pastor Santee not only shows how victory can be gained, but how God can translate only those men and women who have gained the victory.


This presentation shows the danger of holding onto the things of this world. It illustrates that no one can have it both ways. Either we follow God's "plan" or the "plan" of the human heart. It shows that even Christians can be in danger of losing out on eternity by making the wrong daily choices.

Album of 3 digitally recorded audio CDs

Additional Information

Topic Christian Growth, Revival/Reformation
Speaker Name Santee, Willard
Media Format Download (MP3)