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  • Hasel, Michael , Reid, G. Edward , Wilson, Ted N. C.

Quick Overview

In preparation for the challenges of Sabbath observance in the near future, the importance of being "grounded" in this belief is stressed. A 10-step countdown that points to the National Sunday Law is also discussed

Three different speakers present in this special series--each with a unique focus on celebrating and observing the biblical Sabbath.


1. Archaeology and the Sabbath
Presenter: Michael Hasel
Where did the Sabbath come from, and why is the Sabbath shrouded in history? Find answers to these questions; also learn of archaeological discoveries that confirm the biblical belief of the seventh-day Sabbath.

2. Worship and the Sabbath
Presenter: Ted N.R. Wilson
What is it that the devil works the hardest against? What about the interferences that take away the promised Sabbath blessing? Why did God say to remember¬Ě the Sabbath?

3. The Seventhness¬Ě of the Sabbath
Presenter: G. Edward Reid
What is the significance and meaning of the number seven? Learn the eschatological significance of the Sabbath and discover the importance of prophetic study in the relationship to time and the end time.

4. The Sabbath in Christian History
 Presenter: G. Edward Reid
Consideration is given to recent events and developments including the Ten Commandments Day Celebration, the Sunday Rest and Work-Free Sunday in Europe, the German Sunday Laws, the European Sunday Alliance, also the national Back to Church Sunday in the U.S. and the ten-step countdown that points to the National Sunday Law. 

Additional Information

Topic Bible Prophecy, End Times, Seventh-day Sabbath
Speaker Name Hasel, Michael , Reid, G. Edward , Wilson, Ted N. C.
Media Format MP3 Disc