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  • Kelly, Ron

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A warning for the post-modern generation in this age of conformity to awaken to the great need to "stand" for the right and leave the consequences in God's hands--to learn lessons from the life of Daniel beginning at the king's food table to the Lion's Den at the end.  In this our "warmup time" build trust in a God who is able to deliver and walk us into the future without fear. Remember that a commitment to God calls for personal risk in the pursuit of redemption.


1.The Journey to Babylon
How is the evidence and influence of Babylon in Jerusalem before it was conquered or destroyed a warning for us in this post-modern world?

2. How to Hold a Sword
Discover why hardship and difficulty is not as bad or dangerous for the Christian as the affect of the world on the heart.

3. The Shepherd and the Shadow
Learn how to walk into the future without fear in the shadow of the Shepherd and find comfort for any crisis.

4. Stand and Deliver
How is the experience of the faithful three in the face of a fiery furnace a "warmup" time for our own plain of Dura experience?

5. The Last Word
Why does Nebuchadnezzar's encounter with God place a focus of judgment upon us and our slumbering world?

6. Vaccinated for the Apocalypse
What is the vaccination needed for the fashionable willful ignorance, arrogance, and defiance in our modern society?

7. Headed for the Den
Learn how complete commitment to God involves personal risk while providing an opportunity for God's strength to be revealed.

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Speaker Name Kelly, Ron
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