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ITEM# : LW-42L
ITEM# : LW-42L
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1. Jesus Loves You...
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2. Jesus Is Coming Soon...
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3. Jesus in the Judgment Hour Message...
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4. Jesus and the Sabbath....
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5. Jesus and Faith...
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6. Jesus and His End-Time...
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  • Walton, Lewis

Quick Overview

"""Christ is our only hope. We may look to Him, for He is our Saviour. We may take Him at His word, and make Him our dependence. He knows just the help we need, and we can safely put our trust in Him. If we depend on merely human wisdom to guide us, we shall find ourselves on the losing side."" TM 486

God's last-day message to the world to prepare a people for His return begins with Jesus, ends with Jesus, and is filled with Jesus and His love. Jesus is Lord, and Jesus must be kept at the center of every aspect of our lives--especially in these times when we are facing storms of cataclysmic proportions. Let this series help you do that in your life today. MUST LISTENING!"


1. Jesus Loves You
Begin by looking through the experience of John Mark who followed the unfolding events of Jesus' great sacrifice at Calvary--the ultimate expression of God's love for us. Details of the ordeal of Gethsemane, of the trial and the crucifixion, and Jesus' silence of submission are recalled in this presentation. But there is one thing that no one can ever make Jesus do--that is, that He would ever stop loving you and me!

2. Jesus is Coming Soon
Signposts that Jesus' return is imminent. Sobering predictions are that frightened people will rush toward globalism and also be tempted to surrender their liberty. Discover the reasons for surrender as this series provides updates on: A failing economy, increasing terrorism, natural disasters, and anarchy. Learn why Christians have no right to be fearful, but to only have hope in a world of hopelessness.

3. Jesus in the Judgment Hour Message
Hear O Israel: Prepare for the Day of Atonement! Relive the experiences of the pioneers in 1844. Learn how fear of the judgment might be considered as pagan. Instead, learn what makes the judgment good news? Experience a new vision of confidence in our Judge and Advocate, the Lord Jesus Christ through this presentation.

4. Jesus and the Sabbath
Why and how did the Sabbath become the crowning act of creation, both in time and in space. Learn how the Sabbath got lost, and how it was rediscovered throughout history. Then consider how this cathedral in time and this holy day should be observed.

5. Jesus and Faith
Be alerted to the difference between faith and feeling through the experience of Eve in the garden. Discover how God will set us free from untrustworthy feelings and learn how His law can keep us under control in the turbulence of a messed-up world. What about the danger of becoming a legalist instead of being in a relationship with Jesus as you prepare for the storm that is coming?

6. Jesus and His End-Time Message
All through history when at war with the clever enemy, God has provided the Gift of Prophecy. A review of major historical events reveals God's care through His prophets--not only through their predictions, but also during the time of fulfillment. A concern to consider for our generation just before the Second Advent: Will we repeat ancient Israel's history by stoning and rejecting the prophet God has provided for the end times?

Additional Information

Topic Christian Growth, End Times, Second Advent, Seventh-day Sabbath
Speaker Name Walton, Lewis
Media Format Download (MP3)