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ITEM# : LH-18L
ITEM# : LH-18L
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0_1. Fascinating Predictions or Unique Prophecies_(P)2...
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0_2. The Signature of God_(P)2010 ACM Leslie Hardinge...
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0_3. The Role of True Faith_(P)2010 ACM Leslie Harding...
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0_4. Where the Church Went Wrong_(P)2010 ACM Leslie Ha...
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0_5. Is There Any True Church on Earth Today_(P)2010 A...
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0_6. When God Blessed the Dead_(P)2010 ACM Leslie Hard...
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0_7. The True Charma_(P)2010 ACM Leslie Hardinge...
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0_8. The Second Coming Rapture Revelation or Reality_(...
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0_9. 1000 Years - 7 Years_Tribulation or Second Chance...
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10. New Jerusalem - In Palestine or Paradise_(P)2010...
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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

Exposing the counterfeits in another faith-building series in the Legacy Collection by Dr. Leslie Hardinge, a favored and highly-respected teacher.

Fascinating presentations with answers that will not only teach and inform, but will also prove to be life-changing.


1. Fascinating Predictions or Unique Prophecies?

2. The Signature of God

3. The Role of True Faith

4. Where the Church Went Wrong

5. Is There Any True Church on Earth Today?

6. When God Blessed the Dead

7. The True Charisma

8. The Second Coming...Rapture, Revelation or Reality?

9. 1000 YEARS...7 Years, Tribulation, or Second Chance?

10. New Jerusalem...In Palestine or Paradise?

Additional Information

Topic Bible Prophecy, Legacy Collection
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Download (MP3)