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ITEM# : RS-32L
ITEM# : RS-32L
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1. The People...
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2. The Message...
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3. The Enemy...
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4. The Power...
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  • Skeete, Randy

Quick Overview

Things of this world or things of God? In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it is easy to lose track of our God-given, distinct purpose in the world in these days. This series is intended to refocus God's end-time people so that their unique mission becomes their priority.

ACM's 44th Anniversary Special Presentation!


1. The People
As surely as God had a distinct people in the Old Testament, He most surely has a distinct people today.

2. The Message
Every age has its present truth emphasis, designed to warn the world and to energize and fortify God's people. Failure to sound that unique "battle cry" is to betray a very sacred trust.

3. The Enemy
Since the entrance of sin, every work of God has met with energetic opposition from Satan. It is only by being centered in Christ and His truth that victory over the enemy is possible.

4. The Power
Since "All His biddings are enablings", the people of God may work with the confidence that what they are called to do they are divinely empowered to do. This power is the very presence of God in the person of the Holy Spirit.

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Speaker Name Skeete, Randy
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