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Prayer requests

  • Please pray for Karen and Raven who will start their move from Colorado to Georgia tomorrow (1-6-22). They have a 3 day drive. Please for a safe and touble-free drive experience. Also, please pray that they will tune their hearts and minds to God and fo

    submitted by : Rose
  • healing for Dieter Gerke

    submitted by : His wife, Holly
  • Please pray for my wife and I as we navigate a new start in our marriage, life and work for Christ. He's coming soon and we want to be ready and help finish his work. We are submitting to his will.

    submitted by : Byron
  • Please pray for spiritual healing in my marriage my husband is non sabbath keeper , pray for my 5 daughters an sons in law for god to open there eyes to sabbath message an baptism an my grandchildren also thank you

    submitted by : Dana oneal
  • Pray for my studies that God helps me to finish in these 3 semesters

    submitted by : Milly kiu
  • Please pray for me. I want to further my theology studies but have no scholarship yet.

    submitted by : Ps Nyatanga
  • We have a severe family problem. Please pray that God will intervene and work it all out and heal bruised feelings and convict people to forgive and ask forgiveness and bring mother and son together, turning their hearts to each other. Thank you in Jesus

    submitted by : Jkaye
  • please include Lisa Recto. suffering from depression. attempted suicide 2 weeks ago. in mental rehab

    submitted by : dan
  • Please pray for me to find a job or start a successful business. I did accounts and I was working but lost my job almost a year ago. I can't withstand watching my kids out of school. Please help me petition God to make a way for me. Thank you.

    submitted by : Lameck
  • Help me in prayers. I feel spiritualy weaker than ever before, in have a rebellious mind am trying to resist but it keeps on coming. Please help me in prayers.

    submitted by : William Thomas Nyirenda
  • pray for my sister Dianne who has depression

    submitted by : james
  • Pray that I find a place to live this year. A place on the bus route and has a library within walking distance.

    submitted by : Marilyn
  • That i will be faithful. i need humility, meekness, longsuffering, wisdom, discernment, insight and strength. That i would have the mind of Christ and be like Daniel, Esther, Joseph, Moses and Nehemiah in my governmental affairs others will

    submitted by : Shawn
  • B.R.'s granddaughter, Julie, is in jail for stabbing a man in the leg at a holiday party when he would not leave her alone. Julie was brought up in a "Christian" home and knows of the Lord, but is not following Him. Julie is also mourning the recent loss

    submitted by : J. H. from PA
  • B.R.'s adult daughter, Diana, died of a gunshot wound on 12/31/19. Police are investigating. Please pray for this family. May God give B.R. comfort and peace as she mourns the loss of her only daughter. Thank you!

    submitted by : J.H. from PA
  • I am concerned for my S.D.A. church. There seems to be a general acceptance of error mixed with truth. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are in need of God's help

    submitted by : AF
  • GREETINGS TO IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. dear sir or medam my name is santhosh ( samson) from india i am working in pastor i want to serve the gospel in my villages area .that area so many people strugling in poverty line .plz help them that people i

    submitted by :
  • Please pray for me and my family to strengthen our relationship with God. Pray for my friend that I am supporting and praying with. She has postpartum anxiety with suicidal thoughts. Thank you!

    submitted by : Ingrid
  • As I do so, please join me- in prayer, over this 12 (twelve) pressing issues I am faced with, currently: 1). For God to bless me with a brand new job-in Christ; 2). For God to bless me with funds to get my MBA Degree; 3). For God to bless me with a li

    submitted by : MR. KIOKO J.N
  • Please pray for my husband. He is is having trouble prioritzing the people in his life, including me, his wife. I feel like a 3rd wheel most of the time. He is having a co-defendant, emotional affair with his "best friend" from before we were married, whe

    submitted by : Ann Z.
  • I am going through a serious health crisis. I do not want to fall from God 's grace. Please pray for me and my feeble faith. I love Jesus and I want to be with him one day. Also pray for my local church, we seem to be too engrossed in our lives while we n

    submitted by : Perseverance
  • Please join me pray for God's will to be done in my life. I am face with serious challenge. However, I want God's will done.

    submitted by : M..D.
  • I am concerned for my SDA church. there seems to be a general acceptance of error mised with truth. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are in need of God's help

    submitted by : Monica
  • My wife is sick of Parkinson's disease. She was strong and this sickness seems unlikely but it has come to her. I need prayers for her. Her name is Theresa Ansah-Sasraku.

    submitted by : John Ansah-Sasraku
  • Please pray that members from my church wont stop attending service due to the fact that someone may have offended them with a suggestion and or comment .It has happened way to often in the past.And it is starting to frustrate me.

    submitted by : Bill from NE Pa.
  • Prayer For the Second Coming of Jesus - I pray that Jesus Christ returns to Earth soon, to bring the eternal love and peace of the Kingdom of God to all who believe in Him, and for every knee to bow to Him, and for every tongue to confess that Jesus is

    submitted by : Leo Sourisseau
  • Hello i need prayer of intercession for financial breakthrough....there are number of applications i made for career internationally....

    submitted by : Alex
  • My true love and I have been separated geographically for many months. He is my real soul mate. I am not a young person, please pray that all of my patient waiting will not be in vain, and that Kristina (me) and Giorgio will have a beautiful reunion durin

    submitted by : Kristina
  • please pray with me. Thankyou Lord that your kingdom of Heaven has come. Christ consciousness has been increasing and overflowing into our world now in heavenly ways. All has become more wonderfully positive, more magnificently heavenly, divine, clean, s

    submitted by : rebecca
  • Am 83. Please pray I won't lose my legs - horrible disease. My wife and I also desperately need to find a good used car that is newer than our present falling-apart, 24-year-old car. We're hoping that all who love our Lord Jesus will pray about our needs.

    submitted by : Jon Edwards
  • God bless! Please pray for: 1. Healing all the lesions of my abdomen & digestive system. 2. Healing all my contagious itching fungus infection. 3. Healing my sister from depression & panic attacks. 4. I DO need a goo

    submitted by : William
  • My name is Paul McGill.. I'm 19 years old. I want to be pray for, that God will direct me the right way I am confused... I need God. Please pray that he will reveal himself to me

    submitted by : Paul McGill
  • My husband B needs pray he doesn't know GOD or trust him he has issues that are not healthy emotionally & causing him to act & outword appearance not good , people talk about him around town I am so imbarressed& he does not care about what others say o

    submitted by : SAD J
  • Pray4myprodigalson"K" he is into everything and going down fast. Heis 17yrsold Once a amazing leader for GOD He does not care about anything anymore .has BAD Friends, & MANY BAD GIRLFRIENDS. Goes away for days without me knowing anything SECRETES

    submitted by : JANE-Help "K"
  • praise the lord sir, i am P.Gnana Muthyam, church pastor working in the people who does't agree JESUS, here the christianity is only 5%.... I am working among our believers in 12 villages tribal people.. pray for me and my Yellandu area. email

    submitted by : Pastor.P.Gnana muthyam
  • praise the LORD sir.. I am an independent pastor in India, telangana.. I am working among the tribal people(ST lambadi). in 12 villages i am working among them for their the GOD's word to me... So pray for me and my gospel and for my family.

    submitted by : Gnana muthyam
  • Hello friend..i am worried also for our church because some of the members are not attending church already because of some conflicts of their co member and now our host pastor are not with us in weekdays because they find also jobs to have food to eat..t

    submitted by : Lilibeth Canencia..Philippines
  • Hello friend..i am worried also for our church because some of the members are not attending church already because of some conflicts of their co member and now our host pastor are not with us in weekdays because they find also jobs to have food to eat..t

    submitted by : Lilibeth Canencia..Philippines
  • We are a simple lay ministry working with our local SDA church in one of the un entered or rather recently enered area in Zambia.We urgently need a Public Address System but our fundraising efforts appear to be slow.Ple

    submitted by : Namuchana Nyambe/chairman-Christian Services
  • Please pray for my husband who's at present with a girl who practices witchcraft. We are undergoing divorce because my husband was cheating on me. His name is Richard Robinson. Please pray to change his mind and heart so that Yahweh fills his heart with l

    submitted by : Richa Rose Bhatty
  • I'm 43 ,Never been in a relationship..Please Pray GOD brings me (Phil Chavez) women companion for loving relationship in JESUS Name Amen.Pray GOD brings me relationship exceedingly abundantly above what i can imagine in JESUS Name Amen

    submitted by : Phil Chavez
  • My wife and I have I incurable disease please pray for our healing.

    submitted by : S
  • I also got that email regarding SODA08. I nectiod the internal contradiction in the email, first saying that they hadn't received my registration, and then saying that if I already registered, please disregard the message. To be on the safe side, I wrote

    submitted by : pf2xYyZdc

    submitted by : BELLOWS
  • please pray for me that I will be faithful till Jesus come

    submitted by : Richie
  • Please pray for healing for my botrher, Victor Faulkner. He was diagnosed with brain cancer and needs a miracle. Most importantly he needs prayer for his salvation.Thany you,Deborah Thomas

    submitted by : 7HF8c0T3hMfh
  • Our doctor is troubled by my husband Mack's abnormal PSA numbers relative to his prostate. Please, please pray that Mack does not have cancer or anything else wrong! We're hoping for a miracle and will remember your kindness and you will be rewarded. Lo

    submitted by : Lou Norman
  • I want to share my testimony on how i was able to get back my husband around June this year with the help of Dr Ekaka. My husband left me for over 3years and went on with another lady and i was unable to move on with my life because of the love i have for

    submitted by : lucy

    submitted by : LAWRENCE CHUKWU
  • Dear God. Tomorrow is my Removal exam in Clinical chemistry this is the last chance for me to stay in my university pls help me to overcome the trials that you gave me, in return i promise to be a better person next semester.

    submitted by : Lau
  • Dear Brother, Sub: I am Amar Nadh Annavarapu M.Sc., S/o: Luther Paul Annavarapu (Late). I applied for my Mother Job as Compassionate appointment in The New India Assurance Company Ltd.,

    submitted by : Amar Nadh Annavarapu India
  • I understand the concern expressed. May I share that everyone need to know that not all want to accept error, and that there will be a cleansing of the church. Keep faithful to the end.

    submitted by : T from Pa
  • Good morning: My sergio son andres munoz echeverri 15 years underwent surgery on December 19, 2014 and fell into a coma by a thrombus in the heart just out of intensive care in New Jersey, but the child still eat food by mouth and has a tube into t

    submitted by : monica echeverri
  • I am concerned for my S.D.A. church. There seems to be a general acceptance of error mixed with truth. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are in need of God's help.

    submitted by : J from PA
  • Prayer please for me to be admitted to the right school and to get an MD

    submitted by : Andrea
  • Please pray for my family and I. My name is Samson. I have completed my degree in Education by I can not get a job anywhere. My family is struggling with poverty and day and night I think about them. There is no peace in my life. I am alone in this world

    submitted by : SAMSON
  • Pray for me! I've just finished studies and specialized in animal production and I am looking to start up a veterinary pharmacy because self employment is my dream. I need a miracle too. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    submitted by : KI via ACM Facebook Page
  • Please pray for my father, mother, sister and brother who have all started Bible studies. Pray that the Lord will protect them, convict them and keep them. --Andrew from PA

    submitted by : Andrew from PA
  • Please pray for our son, Brent, who is in Sedona, AZ and into the new age thinking. Also my sister and husband, Anne and Chet Lindt, in Kuai and have left the church. I believe God is working and they will come back.

    submitted by : Jeannette Van Arsdell
  • Please pray for my wife. Her name is Heidi. She has stopped going to church and is reading Canright's "Adventism Renounced", and is studying with the evangelicals. She appears to be trying to study her way out of the church. The Holy Spirit is needed!

    submitted by : Eric
  • Please pray for my friend in Australia who is struggling in his journey to return to Christ after taking the "low road."

    submitted by : MN from PA
  • Please keep my sisters friend and her friend's mother in prayer. They both found out that they have breast cancer. It adds to the stress that they are worried about each other too.

    submitted by : David from MD