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Prayer requests

  • Good morning: My sergio son andres munoz echeverri 15 years underwent surgery on December 19, 2014 and fell into a coma by a thrombus in the heart just out of intensive care in New Jersey, but the child still eat food by mouth and has a tube into t

    submitted by : monica echeverri
  • I am concerned for my S.D.A. church. There seems to be a general acceptance of error mixed with truth. Please pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We are in need of God's help.

    submitted by : J from PA
  • Prayer please for me to be admitted to the right school and to get an MD

    submitted by : Andrea
  • Please pray for my family and I. My name is Samson. I have completed my degree in Education by I can not get a job anywhere. My family is struggling with poverty and day and night I think about them. There is no peace in my life. I am alone in this world

    submitted by : SAMSON
  • Pray for me! I've just finished studies and specialized in animal production and I am looking to start up a veterinary pharmacy because self employment is my dream. I need a miracle too. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    submitted by : KI via ACM Facebook Page
  • Please pray for my father, mother, sister and brother who have all started Bible studies. Pray that the Lord will protect them, convict them and keep them. --Andrew from PA

    submitted by : Andrew from PA
  • Please pray for our son, Brent, who is in Sedona, AZ and into the new age thinking. Also my sister and husband, Anne and Chet Lindt, in Kuai and have left the church. I believe God is working and they will come back.

    submitted by : Jeannette Van Arsdell
  • Please pray for my wife. Her name is Heidi. She has stopped going to church and is reading Canright's "Adventism Renounced", and is studying with the evangelicals. She appears to be trying to study her way out of the church. The Holy Spirit is needed!

    submitted by : Eric
  • Please pray for my friend in Australia who is struggling in his journey to return to Christ after taking the "low road."

    submitted by : MN from PA
  • Please keep my sisters friend and her friend's mother in prayer. They both found out that they have breast cancer. It adds to the stress that they are worried about each other too.

    submitted by : David from MD