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We thank you for considering a contribution in response to the personal blessings you are receiving through the 6000+ free ACM messages that are helping to prepare a people for Christ's soon return. 

1. Days of Conflict...
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2. Forest Fires...
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3. Bridge Building...
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  • Baute, Jorge

Quick Overview

The final moments of earth's history can be compared to the final week of Christ's life. Jesus was no stranger to conflict. He was a marked man and every weapon of hell was aimed at Him. If we, as His followers, experience intensifying conflict, whether it be at work, in the home, or in the church, it means we are on the right track. 

Christian living is where the rubber meets the road, and this series will help prepare us for His soon return and also to be a better witness for Him.


1. Days of Conflict
Conflict is unavoidable but how to respond is optional. Discover four steps found in the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy that will guide your response to the conflicts in your life.

2. Forest Fires
Why a study on gossip?  Learn who is the originator of gossip, and who is ready to be our personal gossip postman. The biblical strategies found in this presentation will help the gossiper to overcome in a culture that thrives upon it. 

3. Bridge Building
How does God want us to respond when we've been treated unjustly? What forgiveness is and what it is not. Consider Jesus' parable of Matthew 18:21 about forgiveness which is also a principle in the judgment. Learn how forgiveness involves release, a bridge, and even a gift.


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Speaker Name Baute, Jorge
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