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  • Griffin, Dane , Griffin, Dane & Vicki , Griffin, Vicki

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Since "true religion and the laws of health go hand in hand," (EGW 7T137) it is important for us to consider the need of breaking away from sinful gratifications which destroy the health and prevent divine truth from impressing the mind.


1. How Urgent is This Message?
Presented by Vicki Griffin
We all cut our teeth on the health message. But have we really understood how powerful it is and what God wants to do IN us and THROUGH us with it? Discover the power God wants to impart to you through a proper understanding of how to live His life.

2. What's Easier to Say?
Presented by Dane Griffin
Mark 2 tells the fascinating story of the paralytic who came down through the roof to see Jesus. What Jesus did that day is a potent lesson for all of us today.

3. Impossible!
Presented by Dane Griffin
The disciples were bound in their "comfort zone," tied up in the land of impossibility thinking. Let the story of Jesus walking on the water be of encouragement as you consider His purpose for you.

4. You Can Change Your Mind (Parts I and II)
Presented by Vicki Griffin
Learn how science is incredibly validating what God told His church more than 150 years ago. If you feel trapped in negative thinking and bad habits; or if you want to expand your possibilities for success and service, let this presentation inspire you.

5. Who's in Charge?
Presented by Vicki Griffin
Are you looking for simple solutions for overcoming those bad habits that just seem to be unbeatable? Discover those simple strategies that anyone can use!

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Topic Christian Growth, Health
Speaker Name Griffin, Dane , Griffin, Dane & Vicki , Griffin, Vicki
Media Format MP3 Disc