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ITEM# : DS-14L
ITEM# : DS-14L
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1. Radical Conversion...
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2. Three Years in Arabia...
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3. Gospel to the Gentiles...
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4. Hermeneutics...
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5. Colossians 2...
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6. Lordship of Christ...
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7. Romans 7...
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8. Athens vs. Corinth...
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9. I Have Finished the Course...
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  • Shin, David

Quick Overview

From persecutor to disciple, Paul was prominent among the Jewish leaders who became thoroughly aroused by the success attending the proclamation of the gospel. A Roman citizen by birth, Paul was nevertheless a Jew by descent and had been educated in Jerusalem by the most eminent of rabbis who regarded him as a man of great promise. The conversion of Paul evidences the great power of the Holy Spirit to convict. Lessons from the life of Paul will "pour out" the Holy Spirit with direction and a "vision" for your life in your journey to the Kingdom.


1. Radical Conversion

2. Three Years in Arabia

3. Gospel to the Gentiles

4. Hermeneutics

5. Colossians 2

6. Lordship of Christ

7. Romans 7

8. Athens vs. Corinth

9. I Have Finished the Course

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Topic Bible Characters
Speaker Name Shin, David
Media Format Download (MP3)