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0_1. Changing Leaders...
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0_2. The Power of Humililty...
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0_3. Success, Then Failure...
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0_4. The Call of David...
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0_5. Slaying Giants...
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0_6. Providence and Perils...
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0_7. You are My Hiding Place...
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0_8. Hurt Not the Lord's Anointed...
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0_9. Let God Be God...
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10. A Final Battle...
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  • DeRose, David J.

Quick Overview

"Now these things are examples, warnings, and admonitions for us not to desire or lust after evil and carnal things as they did." Here is Paul's answer found in 1 Cor. 10:6 to the question,"Why take time to look at the kings of Israel in these modern times? What are the important lessons God wants to teach us today? Listen for the warnings as God speaks through these examples found in the Old Testament.


1. Changing Leaders

2. The power of Humility

3. Success, Then Failure

4. The Call of David

5. Slaying Giants

6. Providence and Perils

7. You Are My Hiding Place

8. Hurt Not the Lord's Anointed

9. Let God Be God

10. A Final Battle

Additional Information

Topic Bible Characters
Speaker Name DeRose, David J.
Media Format Download (MP3)