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ITEM# : RK-21L
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1. Is This the Time...
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2. Seven Who Changed the World...
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  • Kelly, Ron

Quick Overview

Who in our midst is "slipping away" because of lack of leadership? What is at stake in our churches, our schools, and our homes? 
Consider the example of Aaron at the foot of Mt. Sinai--a crisis that demanded a man of firmness, decision, and unflinching courage; one who held the honor of God above popular favor, personal safety, or life itself. Here, where a lack of authority resulted in the death of thousands. (PP 316) 
Are there still pliant Aarons, while holding positions of authority, who in their desire to "please" yield to the desires of the unconsecrated, thus encouraging them in sin? (PP317)
Is this the time for a new commitment to practice the role of leadership by performing God's work with unswerving fidelity and faithfulness to God and His principles?


1. Is This the Time?

2. Seven Who Changed the World

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Speaker Name Kelly, Ron
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