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ITEM# : LH-70L
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0_1. The Time for Grace...
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0_2. A Messiah Is Promised - Part I...
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0_3. A Messiah Is Promised - Part II...
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0_4. The Time Is Right...
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0_5. The Suffering Servant...
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0_6. A Compassionate Mission...
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0_7. An Inclusive Saviour...
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0_8. A Genealogy of Grace...
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0_9. Joseph's Marriage to Mary...
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10. Mary and Elizabeth Called by God...
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11. The Call of the Shepherds...
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12. The Birth of Jesus...
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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

The greatest revelation of God's grace toward humanity was in the coming of Jesus to this world. Through the incarnation of Jesus Christ, we have a clear and undeniable testimony of God's love for sinners. How important for us to gain a clearer understanding of Jesus' mission, to study the prophetic timetable of His coming, and to catch a glimpse of the wonder that filled the lives of those who were present at His first coming. This is a challenge for us to look for the wonder of the evidence of Christ's love and the power of His grace in the daily events in our lives as well. 


 12 Concise Studies on the Incarnation of Grace and the First Advent.

1. The Time for Grace
2. A Messiah Is Promised - Part I
3. A Messiah Is Promised - Part II
4. The Time Is Right
5. The Suffering Servant
6. A Compassionate Mission
7. An Inclusive Savior
8. A Genealogy of Grace
9. Joseph's Marriage to Mary
10. Mary and Elizabeth: Called by God
11. The Call of the Shepherds
12. The Birth of Jesus 

Additional Information

Topic Bible Prophecy, Grace, Jesus/Calvary
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Download (MP3)