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0_1. Respect for Gods Primacy_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorsen...
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0_2. Law and Order_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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0_3. Respect for Gods Name_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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0_4. Respect for Gods Creation_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorse...
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0_5. Respect for Authority_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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0_6. Respect for Human Authority_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvor...
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0_7. Respect for Marriage and Morality_(P)2010 ACM Ron ...
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0_8. Respect for Property_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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0_9. Respect for Truth_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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10. Respect for Gods Person_(P)2010 ACM Ron Halvorsen S...
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11. Respect for Others Success and Material Possessions...
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  • Halvorsen, Ron, Sr.

Quick Overview

John 14:15

"Will we be doers of the Word and not hearers only? God's law is as immutable and unchangeable as His character. Whatever men may say or do to make it void does not change its claims or release them from their obligation to obey.

"We need divine enlightenment daily; we should pray as did David, 'Open Thou mine yes, that I may behold wondrous things out of They law.'" (Psalm 119:18) FW 42


1. Respect for God's Primacy
Law and Order

2. Respect for God's Person

3. Respect for God's Name

4. Respect for God's Creation

5. Respect for Authority

6. Respect for Human Authority

7. Respect for Marriage and Morality

8. Respect for Property

9. Respect for Truth

10.Respect for Others' Success
and Material Possessions


Additional Information

Topic Ten Commandments
Speaker Name Halvorsen, Ron, Sr.
Media Format Download (MP3)