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  • Braxton, Sebastien

Quick Overview

"Thoughtful investigation and earnest, taxing study are required in order for this word to be understood. There are truths in the word which, like veins of precious ore, are hidden beneath the surface. The hidden treasure is discovered as it is searched for, as a miner searches for gold and silver. The evidence of the truth of God’s word is in the word itself. Scripture is the key that unlocks scripture. The deep meaning of the truths of God’s word is unfolded to our minds by His Spirit . . . Search the Scriptures for they are the voice of God speaking to the soul." 8T 157

Note: This series is a teaching seminar especially intended for the Bible student who wishes to be earnestly challenged by a mind-taxing study plan. These presentations provide an ideal study for the sincere learner, but especially for pastors, lay pastors, and Bible workers.


1. How to Study the Bible - Part I
Consider the uniqueness of the Bible.

2. How to Study the Bible - Part II
Your preparation to get started in Bible Study.
"It may be difficult for you to love to study the word of God at once, when you have not been in the habit of studying it, but God will help you. Pray for His forgiveness for neglecting His holy word so long, and then beg of the Lord to give you love and interest in his word, to be in earnest in the matter. When I lose my love for the Bible I am alarmed. I know that I do not love Jesus if I do not love to search the Book that testifies of him." HI, June 1, 1856

3. How to Study the Bible - Part III
Consider the three themes as presented throughout Scripture and learn how to apply the intended focus in your personal study of Scripture.

4. How to Study the Bible - Part IV
Learn how to read Scripture with a deep intent by analyzing, inspecting etc. as you apply the observational approach.

5. How to Study the Bible - Part V
An interpretative journey.

6. How to Study the Bible - Part VI
Consider the historical context and learn the history of the biblical mind or biblical author.

7. How to Study the Bible - Part VII
Application time and also review time for this seminar.

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Speaker Name Braxton, Sebastien
Media Format MP3 Disc