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ITEM# : RS-42D


  • Skeete, Randy

Quick Overview

Needed is a vision that brings faith and hope to a dying world--a vision of love for biblical instruction and truth as it is in Jesus while avoiding the world’s rubbish. This unique series is for the "thinking" listener who desires a sharpened vision of "present truth" so urgently needed, for “We are now living in the closing scenes of this world’s history. Let men tremble with the sense of the responsibility of knowing the truth." Ev 16


0_1. Misfits and Mismatches

0_2. Triple Trouble

0_3. Playing with Fire

0_4. Easvesdropping on Enoch

0_5. Proper Use of Power

0_6. Prisoners of War

0_7. Reflecting Christ

0_8. Defeated But Not Dead

0_9. A Contract is a Contract

10. A Citizen of the World

11. Stop Staring

12. Good But Not Good Enough

13. God's Wake-up Call

14. And God Said

15. The Lowest Class

16. Come and Get It

17. Don't Put God on Hold

18. Lost and Found

19. Come and Get It

20. I Am Anxious

21. Identical Twins are not Identical

22. Questions and Answers

23. The Powers That Be

24. An Expensive Mistake

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Speaker Name Skeete, Randy
Media Format CD Albums