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ITEM# : LH-72L
ITEM# : LH-72L
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0_1. All Heaven in One Gift...
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0_2. Why the Devils Tremble...
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0_3. The Gospel According to You...
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0_4. Lord of the Impossible...
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0_5. A Congregation of One...
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0_6. Extravagant Love...
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0_7. The Door to Forever...
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0_8. The Bush Still Burns...
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0_9. The Revelation Room...
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10. Like Father, Like Son...
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11. Pentecost Now...
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12. The Day He Wore My Crown...
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13. He Lives!...
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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

Behold Jesus in all His magnificence through the eyes of the man who knew Him best.

John's Gospel is not a story-teller's narrative, like that of Mark. Neither is it a closely reasoned treatise, like the epistle of Paul. Instead the Gospel of John is the personal testimony of a friend who knew the strong heart and mind of Christ as perhaps no other person ever has known it.


1. All Heaven in One Gift

2. Why the Devils Tremble

3. The Gospel According to You

4. Lord of the Impossible

5. A Congregation of One

6. Extravagant Love

7. The Door to Forever

8. The Bush Still Burns

9. The Revelation Room

10. Like Father, Like Son

11. Pentecost Now

12. The Day He Wore My Crown

13. He Lives!


Additional Information

Topic Bible Characters, Books of the Bible Studies
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Download (MP3)