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ITEM# : RS-43L
ITEM# : RS-43L
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1. Who Issued Your Passport...
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2. The Greatest Sermon in Defense of the Law of God...
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3. The Heart of God...
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4. How to Overcome Temptation...
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5. Who Is Your God...
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6. Numb and Dumb....
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7. The Great Exchange...
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  • Skeete, Randy

Quick Overview

Two kingdoms, two rulers, two constitutions and two sets of subjects. In this heart to heart series, learn more about the kingdoms, its rulers, its constitution, and its future. Discover who you are serving and whether your passport of life has restrictions or freedom or a future. The God of love has given us the power of choice with the power to transfer if you belong to the wrong kingdom. Listen and learn of the One who is the WAY to “The Kingdom of God.” 


1. Who Issued Your Passport?

2. The Greatest Sermon in Defense of the Law of God

3. The Heart of God

4. How to Overcome Temptation

5. Who Is Your God?

6. Numb and Dumb

7. The Great Exchange

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Speaker Name Skeete, Randy
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