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  • Walton, Lewis

Quick Overview

Dealing in depth into the challenges and changes we face, while demonstrating the good news that when these things begin to happen, we realize our redemption is indeed very near.


1. He is Coming Soon
The Bible predicts a time when those who follow their convictions will neither be able to buy or sell. Already in our society we can see the forces emerging that will produce this time of trouble. Simultaneously, we see the technology slowly engulfing us that will make it possible.

2. The Good News of the Judgment
Throughout history, men and women of faith have known that one day the judgment would come. Most people fear that event. But wihin Adventism we have exciting good news! For the believer, the judgment is not something to dread. How is it something to look forward to?

3. How Soon is Soon?
If the judgment is good news, then we should be deeply interesed in when the judgment begins. Further, the Bible makes it clear that when the judgment does begin, the coming of Jesus cannot be far behind.

4. What Heaven Will Be Like
In the Bible there are tantalizing glimpses of a place called Heaven. Enough is described that we can get a pretty good idea of the adventure that lies just ahead for the people of God. This presentation will describe what it will be like to see Jesus come, to travel out into the cosmos with the King, and to live and work in heaven.

5. Good News: God Still Speaks to His Church
Throughout the Bible, there are clear predictions of an end-time gift of prophecy. Joel describes it. Peter repeated it on the Day of Pentecost. We see it in several of the writings of Paul. Revelation predicts that God's last church will have the gift of prophecy. Could the gift of prophecy reappear in God's end-time church? And if it should, how could we tell the true gift of prophecy from the false?

Album of 5 Digitally Recorded CDs

Additional Information

Topic End Times, Second Advent
Speaker Name Walton, Lewis
Media Format CD Albums