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ITEM# : LH-71L
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0_1. Moral Principles...
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0_2. God and Man...
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0_3. Standards and Principles...
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0_4. Our Words and Witness...
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0_5. Honesty...
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0_6. The Christian and His Living...
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0_7. The Christian and Human Need...
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0_8. Honor Between the Sexes...
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0_9. The Christian and the State...
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10. The People Around Us...
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11. The Moral Use of Power...
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12. The Moral Man...
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13. Strength for Moral Action...
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  • Hardinge, Leslie

Quick Overview

The first angel's message calls on God's people to "give glory to him [God]." Jesus indicated that glory is given to God as a result of the good works of believers. This is a study of how to give glory to God in our everyday experience. By believers' Christlike behavior the character of God is held up before the world, and the true Christian will give to God all the glory that results from it.

Christian behavior must be seen as faith seeking to know and to do God's will. Learn why and how faith and behavior must always be united.


13 Concise Studies in Christian Behavior

1. Moral Principles
2. God and Man
3. Standards and Principles
4. Our Words and Witness
5. Honesty
6. The Christian and His Living
7. The Christian and Human Need
8. Honor Between the Sexes
9. The Christian and the State
10. The People Around Us
11. The Moral Use of Power
12. The Moral Man
13. Strength for Moral Action 

Additional Information

Topic Christian Lifestyle
Speaker Name Hardinge, Leslie
Media Format Download (MP3)