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0_1. A Message for Today...
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0_2. Learning from Egypt, Babylon, and France...
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0_3. Embrace the Three...
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0_4. The True Fast...
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0_5. Heartwork...
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0_6. Reaching Sinai...
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0_7. Do We Really Need Discipline...
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0_8. The Heart of the Law...
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0_9. Beyond Fences...
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10. Saved as Individuals, Saved as Families...
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11. The Great Escape...
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  • DeRose, David J.

Quick Overview

A unique focus on stories from Genesis and their fulfillment in the book of Revelation. Just as "righteous Lot' was called out of the city of Sodom, God is calling His people to come out of today's "Babylon".  Learn practical lessons as Dr. DeRose cites post-modern era examples that reveal God's judgment call of mercy for His people to flee from the personal "danger zones" in their lives without delay.


1. A Message for today

2. Learning from Egypt, Babylon and France

3. Embrace the Three

4. The True Fast

5. Heart Work

6. Reaching Sinai

7. Do We Really Need Discipline

8. The Heart of the Law

9. Beyond Fences

10. Saved as Individuals, Saved in Families

11. The Great Escape

Additional Information

Topic Revival/Reformation
Speaker Name DeRose, David J.
Media Format Download (MP3)