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  • Neri, Peter

Quick Overview

We are in the closing scenes of this world, and every soul will be tested to determine whether the desires for the things of this world or for fellowship with Christ is stronger.

"To Matthew in his wealth, and to Andrew and Peter in their poverty, the same test was brought; the same consecration was made by each. At the moment of success, when the nets were filled with fish, and the impulses of the old life were strongest, Jesus asked the disciples at the sea to leave all for the work of the gospel. So every soul is tested as to whether the desire for temporal good or for fellowship with Christ is strongest." EGW,CS216


1. You Must Be Faithful!
We are All Stewards!
Discover how a faithful, trustworthy steward for God must pray. Learn how real spiritual warfare is not only a reality for each of us personally, but also for us as a church.

2. The Mystery of Godliness
A Steward Manages the Property of Another!
What does it mean to be stewards of the "Mystery of Godliness." As you focus on God Who was manifest in the flesh becoming like us, discover what our deepest joy should and can be in "management" for Him.

3. No Belong Me! (Don't Touch)
A Steward Owns Nothing!
This is a special message taken from Malachi. Learn how to respond to the understanding of God's ownership, and discover how God is testing us to prepare us for the very last days on this earth.

4. Where is My Flock?
A Steward is Found Faithful in Training!
How can you raise your children so that the Lord can keep them safe for eternity? How will God help you educate, train, nurture, and admonish jewels for the kingdom?

5. Taking the Heat!
A Faithful Steward Bears the Burdens!
What is the difference between being a "hireling" and a steward? Are you mistakenly following the Lord for the wrong reasons?

6. Can I See Your Identification, Please?
A Faithful Steward Loves with Agape Love
Why is Agape love necessary or even required? How will others know you are one of Christ's disciples?

7. Ready for the Test?

Album of 4 Digitally Recorded CDs

Additional Information

Topic End Times, Marriage/Family, Revival/Reformation, Stewardship
Speaker Name Neri, Peter
Media Format CD Albums