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ITEM# : LW-25L
ITEM# : LW-25L
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1. The Law within Adventism_(P)ACM Lewis Walton J.D...
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2. Guarding the Mind_(P)ACM Lewis Walton J.D...
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3. Educational Subversion_(P)ACM Lewis Walton J.D...
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4. Omega II_(P)ACM Lewis Walton J.D...
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5. Our Best Safeguard Inspiration_(P)ACM Lewis Walton...
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  • Walton, Lewis

Quick Overview

Is there a safeguard that can keep the church from apostasy? Discover what is happening within.


<p><strong>1.THE LAW WITHIN ADVENTISM<br /></strong>When some of the events happen in the world around us, we may be consoling ourselves that it hasn't happened here yet. However, signs all around us should be wake-up calls to remind us that the Second Advent is imminent. But what is happening within the Seventh-day Adventist church that should be of even greater concern to us? We have often assumed this attack would come from outside Adventism, but, in Special Testimonies, Series B, Ellen White suggests that many of Adventism's end-time problems will occur from within the church. She makes it clear that the law, Sabbath observance, and standards will be attacked from within.<br /><br /> <strong>2. GUARDING THE MIND</strong><br />We are told that we should guard well the avenues of the soul. But could our minds be manipulated in ways we do not immediately recognize? This presentation&nbsp; will reveal subtle ways in which, as early as the turn of the century, apostasy in Adventism sought to control other people using techniques that bypass the conscious mind..<br /> <br /><strong>3. EDUCATIONAL SUBVERSION<br /></strong> Early in the 20th century, when Adventism faced another moment of opportunity and Jesus was trying to come, forces of apostasy tried to subvert the educational program of the church. Could this happen again?<br /> <br /><strong>4. OMEGA II<br /></strong> This presentation will digest many of the lessons to be learned from the Kellogg apostasy and show what we must guard against as Adventism faces the future.&nbsp;<br /> <strong><br />5. OUR BEST SAFEGUARD -- INSPIRATION</strong> <br />In the turbulent challenges ahead, the only safety for the true believer will be in the Scriptures and in the inspiration of the Spirit of Prophecy. But, there are forces at work that seek to "reinterpret" the Scriptures, explaining away truth in such a way that even the very elect could become confused. <br />

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Topic Deceptions, End Times
Speaker Name Walton, Lewis
Media Format Download (MP3)