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  • O'Ffill, Richard

Quick Overview

The 95 Theses for the church of the 21st century series covers many of the issues and challenges that face us as individuals, as families, and as a church. The 95 Theses are talking points and lend themselves to be studied and discussed inasmuch as they are meant to contain principles which are critical to living in the last generation.

Our Lord said that in the last days there would be deceptions so well crafted that they would deceive if possible the very elect. If we are not thinking, then someone else is doing our thinking for us. These theses are designed to make your think!


Ten samples of the 95 Theses contained in these presentations:

*We cannot find unity in diversity. We must find it in spite of diversity.

*We must not forget that obedience did not put Lucifer into heaven, but disobedience took him out. Obedience didn't put Adam and Eve into the Garden of Eden, but disobedience took them out.

*Those who preach a Gospel that is not in the context of last day events, the close of probation, and the second coming of Jesus are not preaching a relevant Gospel.

*Your life will be 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond.

* The word "repentance" has largely been replaced by the word "acceptance." Repentance is a change word. Acceptance means that things stay the same.

*Christian standards are the roof that protects the foundations and walls of Faith.

*The context of a particular text is not just the verse before it and the verse after it; it is the rest of the Bible.

*The pop doctrines of self-love and dysfunction have put the power of the Gospel into gridlock.

*The buzz-word these days seems to be "mission." The word mission is generic. It indicates an activity. We must not forget that our mission must be based on our message. It is the message that drives the mission. Unfortunately, we seem to be hearing little about our message.

*The uniform a soldier wears is not a moral issue, but it is a life-and-death issue, because it indicates which side he is on.


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Speaker Name O'Ffill, Richard
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