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ITEM# : RK-10L
ITEM# : RK-10L
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1. The Impossible Reality...
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2. Masquerade at Midnight mix...
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3. Stumbling Toward the Unpardonable Sin...
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4. The Chasm, the Cave, and the Christ...
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  • Kelly, Ron

Quick Overview

Discover how to prepare for the "Masquerade at Midnight," how to keep from stumbling toward the unpardonable sin, and the ultimate--how to experience the peace and joy of knowing Him whose voice of victory spoke "It Is Finished" on the Cross.


1. The Impossible Reality
Learn what is at the "heart" of knowing Him. You will learn from John 10 that He knows your name, but the question is:  Do you know Him well enough to know His voice?

2. Masquerade at Midnight
In this presentation the pillars of the Kingdom of God vs the Kingdom of Satan will be defined..  Warning: Do not let the masquerader of light deceive you in this last hour!  

3. Stumbling Toward the Unpardonable Sin
 Discover how the way that seems right to a man and the pride of opinion places a man on the edge of a dangerous precipice in this fragile age. 

4. The Chasm, the Cave, and the Christ
Reflect what it means that Jesus has paid the price on the cross by dying the second death. 

Additional Information

Topic Christian Growth, God's Compassion/Mercy, Redemption
Speaker Name Kelly, Ron
Media Format Download (MP3)