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ITEM# : RO-27L
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1. Is the Adventist Message Relevant...
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2. Promise Keepers and the End-Time...
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3. He Speaks Your Language...
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4. Holiness is Not Legalism...
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5. Discerning the Times...
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  • O'Ffill, Richard

Quick Overview

This series of presentations have a practical application in the context of the culture in which we live.


1. Is the Adventist Message Relevant?
Does the Gospel ever change? Are the Three Angels' Messages out of date?

2. Promise Keepers and the End Time
This was one of the largest religious gathering in the history of this country. The theme was a call to repentance with a lack of emphasis on doctrine. What significance does this have in the end times? How shall we interpret these things?

3. He Speaks Your Language
This sermon shows the true meaning of many words that we have traditionally used to preach the Gospel as contrasted to current use of some which have been given new meanings.

4. Holiness is Not Legalism
Whenever we start to talk about what it means to live a holy life, somebody out there says that it is legalism. This sermon addresses that issue.

5. Discerning the Times
This presentation shows the importance of a Christian lifestyle in light of the investigative judgment.


Additional Information

Topic End Times
Speaker Name O'Ffill, Richard
Media Format Download (MP3)