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  • Hoffman, J.Reynolds

Quick Overview

Powerful presentations of Biblical truths in a special crusade sermon collection.


1. Skeptic's Night
2. Can Modern Man Believe the Bible?
3. How I Know God Is Alive
4. Footsteps in the Sky
5. Future Revealed for 1000 Years
6. God's Great Society
7. A Day to Remember
8. Why So Many Denominations?
9. Good God, Bad World - Why?
10. Why So Much Immorality?
11. What's Wrong with the Church?
12. When No Man Can Buy or Sell
13. The Secret of Personal Power
14. The Prophecy That Failed
15. My Experience with the Spirits
16. I Believe in Miracles
17. How to Find the True Church
18. Is Baptism Really Necessary
19. The Glory of the Cross
20. The Power of the Resurrection
21. Judas Iscariot
22. When Sunday Was Three Days Late
23. The Indispensable Spirit
24. The Coming Dictatorship in America
25. The Unpardonable Sin
26. The Mysterious Message of Elijah
27. The Secret Rapture and the Anti-Christ
28. Why There are Hypocrites in the Church
29. The Modern Gift of Tongues
30. Modern Prophets: Are They from God?
31. The Battle Over Bread:
A Christian Looks at the Lord's Supper
32. The Secret of Eternal Life
33. Questions People Ask
34. The Generosity of God
35. Hypnosis and Acupuncture
36. The Joy of Forgivenss
37. Are We Really Adventists?
38. The Silence of God and the Faith of Jesus
39. The Mystery of God
40. What Did the Cross Abolish?
41. The Peril of Sloth
42. Tears in the Eyes of Jesus
43. The Question of Personal Freedom
44. Money
45. How Do You Worship?
46. What are the Soul and the Spirit?
47. Adventists and the Israeli Question
48. Is God Particular?
49. The Power of the Small
50. Is Jesus Jehovah God?
51. The Lost Rite
52. Modern Miracles and Healing

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Additional Information

Topic Christian Beliefs, Doctrines, Evangelism
Speaker Name Hoffman, J.Reynolds
Media Format MP3 Disc