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1. Confrontation in Heaven...
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2. Confrontation Comes to Planet Earth...
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3. Victory in Confrontation...
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4. Confrontation in the Church...
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  • DeRose, David J.

Quick Overview

In our media-saturated world, we are surrounded by conflict and confrontation. However, the heavenly design portrays a picture of absolute harmony as found in the Godhead relationships--also through the creation story in distinct contrast to death and destruction for ions of time in the evolutionistic theory. Even though controversy started in heaven, the victorious One’s hands bear the marks of the complete restoration cost.
To follow Christ is not freedom from conflict.  It means stern battles, active labor, warfare against the world, the flesh, and the devil. Our enjoyment is the victories gained for and through Christ our Savior. (See HP 1167)


1. Confrontation in Heaven

2. Confrontation Comes to Planet Earth

3. Victory in Confrontation

4. Confrontation in the Church

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Speaker Name DeRose, David J.
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