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  • Neri, Peter

Quick Overview

Great opposition was in the face of Nehemiah as he served as governor to rebuild the temple and city of Jerusalem. Nehemiah is a fascinating book for many reasons, and much has been written and spoken of Nehemiah's leadership ability. This seven-part series takes a closer look at what Nehemiah experienced and how his experiences relate to us today as the remnant people of God's last-day church. You will be amazed at the practical applications to be considered as we labor for the Lord.


1. A Godly Leader
This presentation delves into the elements needed to be a Godly leader. The first chapter of Nehemiah delineates these elements as well as the benefits of practicing them.. Learn how you can benefit from practicing them as well.

2. A Divine Appointment
Have you every prayed for a divine appointment? Nehemiah did and what a result! Learn how Nehemiah prayed, and how your ministry can be enhanced as well.

3.  The Good Hand of God
From Nehemiah's actions, we clearly see what to expect and how to respond as we labor daily for the Lord.

4. Beware of Unconsecrated Elements
This presentation will bring into sharp flocus the opposition Nehemiah faced as he rebuilt the old ruins while dealing with opposition. Discover how his example provides insights and encouragement as we encounter similar challenges in our work for the Lord. 

5. Unfinished Business
Consider how Nehemiah had church-life issues with which to deal as well as the work of rebuilding. You will be challenged and inspired to hold the standard high that God calls us to do. 

6. Nearing the Conclusion
Have you ever been tempted to slack off when nearing the end of a conclusion? If you have, here is a biblical wake-up call revealing how our mission and message is very much hated by the enemy, and at what length he goes to divert us! 

7. The Conclusion of the Whole Matter
Are you inspired by faithful, honest role models? This final presentation will do just that. Upon his return from a brief absence, learn how Nehemiah took over where he left off, and so should we! 


Additional Information

Topic Bible Characters, Books of the Bible Studies
Speaker Name Neri, Peter
Media Format MP3 Disc