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CALVARY'S LOVE - The Cross of Jesus Christ

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ITEM# : RH-14L
ITEM# : RH-14L
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1. Love That Forgives_(P)2011 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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2. Love That Assures_(P)2011 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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3. Love That Provides_(P)2011 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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4. Love That Questions_(P)2011 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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5. I Thirst_(P)2011 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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6. It is Finished!_(P)2011 ACM Ron Halvorsen Sr...
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7. Father Into Thy Hands..._(P)2011 ACM Ron Halvorsen S...
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CALVARY'S LOVE - The Cross of Jesus Christ

  • Halvorsen, Ron, Sr.

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"""Pride and self-esteem cannot flourish in the hearts that keep fresh in memory the scenes of Calvary. This world will appear of but little value to those who appreciate the great price of man's redemption, the precious blood of God's dear Son. All the riches of the world are not of sufficient value to redeem on perishing soul. Who can measure the love Christ felt for a lost world as He hung upon the cross, suffering for the sins of guilty men? This love was immeasurable, infinite.

...Upon this theme it is sin to be calm and unimpassioned. The scenes of Calvary call for the deepest emotion.""


"1. LOVE That Forgives
Forgive them, for they know not what they do.""
Discover the pinnacle of Divine love and contemplate the full meaning of the love that forgives. Learn how Calvary is the center of faith and the greatest truth of the Bible. Consider the costliness of Grace.

2. LOVE That Assures
""Verily I say unto thee today, thou shalt be with me in paradise.""
At the crucifixion, there was One who died for sin, one who died to sin, and one who died in sin. Learn more of the three dimensions of the cross in relationship to our personal ""crucified"" life. Experience the security of the "paid in full" of God's love.

3. LOVE That Provides
""Woman, behold thy son. Behold thy mother.""
From the manger to martyrdom, Mary loved him. Catch a vision of the significance of the love manifest in the heart of a mother and that in the heart of a son. Discover there was never any other woman like Mary as you learn all that she has provided for each of us today because of Mary's submission and faithfulness.

4. LOVE That Questions
""My God, why hast thou forsaken me?""
Discover from Christ's experience of suffering the 2nd death for each of us as He bore the sins of all humanity--how He painfully experienced the silence of God. Begin to realize more fully what Jesus has done for you on the cross.

5. ""I Thirst""
As He hangs dying on the cross, Christ's thirst portrays the reality of the Savior's nature of humanity; but more than that, learn how He "thirsts" for the repentance of the lost souls of man while providing the living ""Water of Life"" through His divinity. Is it possible to be a Christian unless this "water of life" of the Gospel is shared with those for whom Christ died?

6. ""It is Finished""
Discover the many faceted meaning of Jesus' word "Finished" spoken at the Cross--how it relates to completion, to triumph, to victory and so much more. Learn why the word "Finished" can be considered the greatest single word ever uttered, and how the cross becomes the catalyst of all truth.

7. ""Father, into Thy Hands...""
Consider how this affirms Christ's relationship of sonship with the Father and at the same time provides both salvation and safety for each one of us. What must we learn from Christ's relationship with the Father that is key to carrying us through life's experiences--even when facing death? What is our response to the challenge and the privilege of committing all that we are and ever hope to be into the Father's hands?


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Topic Grace, Jesus/Calvary
Speaker Name Halvorsen, Ron, Sr.
Media Format Download (MP3)