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1. Called, Chosen, but Unfaithful...
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2.The Belly of the Beast...
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3. Great in the Sight of the Lord...
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4. The Final Followers......
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  • Pacleb, Taj

Quick Overview

Will you be the one called, chosen, and then become unfaithful as Jonah? Or will you be found great in the sight of the Lord as John the Baptist who prepared the way for the Lord? Join the forerunners of the last days and faithfully call for revival, repentance, and reformation to prepare the way for the coming King, our Lord and Savior.

These presentations will be a reminder of what it means to be called and chosen at a time when prophecy is fulfilled and the nations come together in one mind, one goal, one agenda, and one resolve to find unity with the Beast. But there is nothing to fear, for we are invited to be on the winning team, and the best news is that the Lamb wins!


1. Called, Chosen, but Unfaithful
Learn what Jonah teaches us about Christ and also what Jonah tells us about ourselves. Jonah was called and chosen, but he was unfaithful. "Arise and go up..." but instead Jonah decided to go "down". There is a lack of laborers; however, discover the more dangerous lack that exists today.

2. The Belly of the Beast
God prepared a fish in order to prepare a man. Learn how God planned through this horrible experience to save Jonah, and how He will act to save each of us as well through tragedy and difficulties. Also masterfully revealed in this moving presentation is the experience of our Saviour in Gethsemane and on the Cross to rescue us--yes, a God of a second chance.

3. Great in the Sight of the Lord
John the Baptist is known for his faithful voice calling for revival, repentance, and reformation in preparation for Christ's first coming. Discover in this presentation what made his voice great. Also what there is to learn from his confidence in his identity, his security in his simplicity, and the genuiness of his humility. You will be amazed!

4. The Final Followers
We must see Jesus as John the Baptist saw Him before we can proclaim Him with our voice. Only then will we not be a reed shaken by the winds of opinions and heresies of the day. Learn what it means to be unmovable in the cause of Christ as we prepare for the test of John's cold, dark dungeon experience. Are you ready to join the forerunners of the last days?

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Topic Bible Characters, Christian Growth, Second Advent
Speaker Name Pacleb, Taj
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