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1. Who Is He_(P)2010 ACM Sebastian Braxton...
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2. The Urge of a Fadeless Vision_(P)2010 ACM Sebastian ...
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3. How Shall We Go Up_(P)2010 ACM Sebastian Braxton...
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4. When God Preaches the Gospel_(P)2010 ACM Sebastian B...
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  • Braxton, Sebastien

Quick Overview

He who is "the Chiefest among ten thousand" must become real to each one of us. Then we will catch the vision of what it means for Him to live within us and for us to live for Him. It is then that we can truly portray the picture of Jesus to the world around us.

Discover from this series how the Bible characters Paul, Joseph, and Job picture Jesus--let them impact your life for Him.


1. Who Is He?
Is your foundation built upon the identity of Christ? If we see the "real" Jesus, would we live as we do? Unless we have the "real" picture of Jesus, we will never know Him as our Savior.

2. The Urge of a Fadeless Vision
See the picture of Jesus through the life of Paul. When you "see" Christ as Paul did on the road to Damascus, would you be moved and compelled to never lose your first love? Discover the vision that never dies in the experience of Paul.

3. How Shall We Go Up?
The story of Joseph whose brothers went up to Egypt during the time of famine depicts yet another picture of Jesus. Why should you pray for the heart of his brother, Judah, as depicted in this unforgettable story. What is the fatal deception that is so prevalent today?

4. When God Preaches
A picture of Job in His suffering reveals the picture of Jesus that must be portrayed in each one of us. This is our opportunity to let God "preach" through us to the world around us as we learn how from the experience of Job.


Additional Information

Topic Bible Characters, Christian Growth
Speaker Name Braxton, Sebastien
Media Format Download (MP3)