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JESUS . (Period) -- My All In All!

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0_1. Jesus, the Almighty God...
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0_2. Jesus, the Unknown God...
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0_3. Jesus, the Promised On...
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0_4. Jesus, the Lamb...
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0_5. Jesus, the Healer...
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0_6. Jesus, the Justifier...
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0_7. Jesus, the Winebibber...
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0_8. Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath...
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0_9. Jesus, the Refiner...
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10. Jesus, the Ladder...
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11. Jesus, the Revealer...
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12. Jesus, the RecruiteR...
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JESUS . (Period) -- My All In All!

  • Howard, Mark

Quick Overview

Get better acquainted with the Promised One, Our Justifier, Our Refiner, Our Healer--God's View of Jesus

It is God's design that the longing of every human heart should lead to the One who alone is able to satisfy it. As the different facets of the life of Christ are presented in this series, you will experience a personal encounter with the Savior, Jesus Christ, our All in All!


1. Jesus, The Almighty God
2. Jesus, The Unknown God
3. Jesus, The Promised One
4. Jesus, The Lamb
5. Jesus, The Healer
6. Jesus, The Justifier
7. Jesus, The Winebibber
8. Jesus, The Lord of the Sabbath
9. Jesus, The Refiner
10.Jesus, The Ladder
11.Jesus, The Revealer
12.Jesus, The Recruiter


Additional Information

Topic Grace, Jesus/Calvary
Speaker Name Howard, Mark
Media Format Download (MP3)